Helping Families End The Fight


People turn to divorce when the breach of the marital contract is so egregious, they feel they have to get out. Pain is the watchword in any divorce no matter how “good”

What really distinguishes a “good” divorce from a “bad” divorce is the claw marks left behind in the process. Our processes help you to get back in touch with what is really important while letting go of the pain anger and sadness.


The fast track to moving forward in the divorce process is getting help from professionals who understand it. Coaching will help you know when and where to take a stand and what to let go of. This will not only feel better but will result in saving time and money in the divorce process. More important it will allow you to focus on the well-being of your family and children so that you and your children bounce back from what is often a tragically traumatic experience.


Our expertly created and tested classes will guide you through the divorce process and facilitate keeping your eye on the prize and letting go of the past. Classes are particularly effective when combined with coaching. They are also stand-alone solutions.

Parent Coordination

Agreeing on a parenting plan is a challenge when people are having trouble talking. . The tendency is to get stuck in arguments. Arguments and conflict are what got them in the divorce process in the first place.

As parent coordinators, we create a safe space for parents to focus on the wellbeing of their children and begin to find new ground on which to communicate. The result is a new understanding of how their family will function during and after the divorce.