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We know this is a completely new area in your life and you feel like an alien out of mars. This kit will help you know everything you need to know! 

The "Good" Divorce

In a “good” divorce, both people are treating each other with the respect due to the other or the father of your child. In a “good” divorce, at least one side is clear that what is important is the children and the future of the family. That person is empowered to deflect the negative “slings and arrows” that the other side may bring to bear in moments of frustration. 

In a “good” divorce, one person  (if not both) holds to the eye of the storm and because they maintain their equanimity, the time of the divorce is lessened. The legal cost of the divorce is reduced. Most important, the children suffer less  when one person does not allow themselves to be swept away by blame, anger, and sadness.

Are YOU Having A "Good" Divorce?

If The Answer Is No... We Can Help You!

Every one of our clients in the divorce process or who are having some form of parental contention has learned how to:

  • Reconnect with themselves.
  • Rediscover their center.
  • They have rediscovered that place of certainty about what is best for their children and themselves.
  • Create a win/win out of what appeared to be a losing proposition.

Why Rich in Relationship Is Different

While most therapists and coaches spend a great deal of time exploring grief, we help you to let go and move on.

We have a proven system for moving through the divorce process that not only keeps up with the legal process but also drives it forward. Imagine feeling in control during your divorce! You are master of your emotions and therefore in the driver’s seat. 

Other “professionals” want to keep you where you are emotionally for their own benefit. Our program aids you in moving to that place of certainty ASAP.

How Do We Do It?

We have different ways of working with you depending on your means situation, and needs:

+ Coaching

The fast track to moving forward in the divorce process is getting help from professionals who understands it.

Coaching will help you know when and where to take a stand and what to let go of. This will not only feel better but will result in saving time and money in the divorce process.

More important it will allow you to focus on the well-being of your family and children so that you and your children bounce back from what is often a tragically traumatic experience.

+ Classes

Our expertly created and tested classes will guide you through the divorce process and facilitate keeping your eye on the prize and letting go of the past.

Classes are particularly effective when combined with coaching. They are also stand-alone solutions.

+ Parent Coordination

Agreeing on a parenting plan is a challenge when people are having trouble talking. 

Arguing does not work! Arguments and conflict are what got them in the divorce process in the first place.

As parent coordinators, we create a safe space for parents to focus on the well-being of their children. They begin to find new ground on which to communicate. The result is a new understanding of how their family will function during and after the divorce.

Don´t Wait Until It Gets Worse...