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You´re A Loving And Concerned Partner

and the health of your family depends on having a healthy, happy relationship. It’s not enough to just be functional. You need to be in a relationship in which you are thrilled to be together.

One in which you have shared empathy, and appreciate one another’s unique strengths as individuals and as a couple. A relationship in which you feel truly heard and understood. You feel comfortable, even happy when you are together, both of you focused on the same future together, working as a team.

Without caring communication and mutual understanding, and respect, your relationship is in trouble.

We can help you

Most relationship strategies being taught today just plain don’t work. No matter how much you try to talk about it, you just keep missing each other.

These are fine strategies when you are already on the same page, but when a couple is out of sync, they just make things worse. 

Rich in Relationship is different

We help couples to connect again. We teach them how to communicate effectively so that they truly hear one another. So that they recreate their relationship from a shared vision and values.

Our system has been 100% successful with every couple who has completed our program. We are so confident that we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Are You Having A "Good" Divorce?

The truth is that even in the best divorces, both sides feel like they are losing but at least it feels equal. Divorce is painful, fact! But we get to choose HOW painful.

In a “good” divorce, both people are mindful that they will have a parenting relationship once the divorce is finalized.

As a result, they show one another the same respect they desire.

In a “good” divorce, at least one side is clear that what is important is the children and the future of the family. 

Because of this, they feel empowered to deflect the negative “slings and arrows” that the other side may bring to bear in moments of frustration. 

In a “good” divorce, one person  (if not both) holds to the eye of the storm and because they maintain their equanimity, the time of the divorce is lessened. The legal cost of the divorce is reduced. Most importantly, the children suffer less when one person does not allow themselves to be swept away by blame, anger, and sadness.

Are you in a "good" divorce?

If The Answer Is No.... We Can Help!

Every one of our clients in the divorce process or who are having some form of parental contention has learned how to:


  • Reconnect with themselves.
  • Rediscover their center.
  • They have rediscovered that place of certainty about what is best for their children and themselves.
  • Create a win/win out of what appeared to be a losing proposition.

Why Rich in Relationship Is Different

While most therapists and coaches spend a great deal of time exploring grief, we help you to let go and move on.  We have a proven system for moving through the divorce process that not only keeps up with the legal process but also drives it forward. Imagine feeling in control during your divorce! You are master of your emotions and therefore in the driver’s seat. 

Other “professionals” want to keep you where you are emotionally for their own benefit. Our program aids you in moving to that place of certainty ASAP.