Helping Families End The Fight

Building Family

At the heart of our practice areas is Building Family. We consider a family to be any group (of two or more) with a shared goal(s), principles, values, and aspirations. Our mission is to help "families" end the fight and transform their relationship so that they are keeping what is most important in front of them.

Relationships That Work

Whether it be a marriage, a divorce, or an organization, it is this principle of having a relationship that works so that the family is effective in achieving its goals. We believe that children are foremost to families of any kind. We are deeply committed to supporting families in opening up communication and cooperation so that the children can be front and center as they should be.

Looking for  Faster, Less Expensive Divorce?

Every divorce lawyer will tell you that with a quick look at your assets, and a conversation, they pretty much know how the divorce will settle. The impediment to a faster, less expensive divorce lies in the client's hands.

What slows down the divorce process making it financially and emotionally expensive is our emotions. We have taken the twelve principles and tools that have helped every one of our clients have a less stressful and costly divorce and incorporated them into divorce GROUPS.

Learn more: http://bit.ly/dengroups


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Conflicted Relationships

Whether you're in a challenging marriage or getting divorced, the same dynamic is present. This dynamic is someone feels abused, someone is acting as an abuser. Sometimes that role shifts back and forth, sometimes it's very clearly defined.

Do you feel like you're being criticized all the time? Sometimes are the emotions that others are showing you feel like a violation? Like violence might be the next step? Do you lean on anger in order to get your way? Do you find yourself raising your voice knowing that it won't solve the problem but you might get your way?  These are qualities many of our clients both who are married and getting divorced experience.

The Answer

Sometimes separating is part of the solution but the real answer lies within us. How do we respond to emotional violence or anger in others? when we're angry why do we go there? Why do we use it as a tool knowing that the short-term results won't support our long-term goals?
Finding the answers to these questions can open up the door to a whole new life, a life in which we are creating our own future instead of being led by our own emotions and triggers.

Choose a Life Rich in Relationship and Have a Richer Life

Making the change is simple, but not always easy, we desperately want the benefits of change but are reluctant to leave the comforts of what we know has worked in the past. What we need is someone who has been there, and who has a system to help us shift from the hell of living groundhog day for the rest of our lives, to the excitement of entering into new territory where we our challenged to bring our passions and talents to the front burner of our lives again.

Keith Kirk- President & Owner, Eveready Express

I have used Rich’s services in training and coaching staff members at Eveready Express. Rich has an uncommon ability to connect with people in such a way that they see the truth in their actions, and how they can improve. His methods are caring, and energetic, and produce results. I highly recommend his services.

Eric Lorenzo-Managing Attorney at Law Office of Eric Lorenzo, P.C

Rich is great at what he does. If you are a lawyer who deals in conflicts with people, whether its partners in a marriage or partners in a business, Rich is the guy to call. He will free up so much of your time and relieve you of the stress and the drama of conflicts. You should definitely speak with him if you are a lawyer and get him involved in managing the emotional stresses of your clients. He has been great with couples applying for green cards that I have referred to him who have hit some bumps in the road in their relationships and he has helped to alleviate some of the emotional ups and downs of being in a marital relationship.

Elaine, NJ

I worked with Richard for several months and during that time, he proved to be insightful, observant, and honest. He always caused me to think and sometimes rethink my plan of action. I appreciate his candor and sometimes unconventional approach to coaching which caused me to explore options outside my comfort zone. Richard was wonderful to work with and I truly appreciate everything he helped me with. If you are looking for a coach who will challenge and encourage you? Richard is your guy, I  highly recommend him.      

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