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You´re A Loving And Concerned Partner And...

yet you feel like you and your partner are living parallel lives.

You are either avoiding conflict or there is way too much of it.  It’s not enough to just “get by”.

You need to be in a relationship in which:

  • You both feel safe and cared for.
  • A relationship where you both feel heard and understood.
  • You appreciate one another’s unique strengths. Both as individuals and as a couple.  
  • You feel comfortable, even happy when you are together, both of you focused on the same future together, working as a team.

Without caring communication and mutual understanding, and respect, your relationship is in trouble

We can help you

Most relationship strategies being taught today just plain don’t work. No matter how much you try to talk about it, you just keep missing each other. Often you are asked to make compromises that feel wrong!

These are fine strategies when you are already on the same page, but when a couple is out of sync, they just make things worse. 

Rich in Relationship is Different

We help couples to connect again. We teach them how to communicate effectively so that they truly hear one another. So that they recreate their relationship from a shared vision and values.

This is not your standard marriage counseling or therapy program.

Our job is to give you the tools and help you develop the skills so that you don’t need us anymore. 

We provide a structured program (Average time 10 weeks) that helps you both identify where you are getting stuck. We help you dismantle what’s not working, and move towards what has and will work. 

When we are complete, you will know how to communicate effectively. You will know how to take the differences that used to stump you and create something new together.

We have a 100% Success Rate!

Every couple who completed the program has developed caring communication, trust, and deeper empathy.

As seen in:

This FREE 30 minute call will set a before and after on the life of your relationship.

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Are You Having A "Good" Divorce?

+ In a “good” divorce, both people are mindful that they will have a parenting relationship once the divorce is finalized.
+ In a “good” divorce, at least one side is clear that what is important is the children and the future of the family, leaving blame and anger out of the talk. 
+ In a “good” divorce, the legal costs are reduced. 
If this doens´t sound like you…

We Can Help You Have It