I Need to Protect my Children from Conflict Now...

“My passion is to help parents, living together or apart, to build bridges so that their children are protected from conflict.” – Rich Heller

Relationship Dynamics and Parental Challenges:

Parenting, whether united or divided, is a delicate dance of nurturing relationships and fostering growth, all while navigating the myriad complexities that accompany it. At Rich in Relationship, we delve deep into the intricate tapestry of familial bonds and interactions.

What We Offer:

Our mission is to help you, the parents living together or apart, to reconstruct and traverse those bridges of understanding, compassion, and mutual respect, ensuring that children are nurtured in a harmonious environment, shielded from the fallout of conflict.



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How We Help You Protect Your Children:

Unbreakable Husbands Program: 

A program for men who want to save their marriage (even if she doesn’t). It does not matter how bad it seems, there is a wy through as long as you are willing.

Couples Communication Program:

Put an end to toxic communication and learn to communicate so that you both feel heard and understood.

Parent Coordination: 

We assist high conflict parents to implement their parenting plan by facilitating the resolution of their disputes in a timely manner.

Divorce Detox Program:

We help people divorcing a toxic parent to release their own hurt, anger, and blame, to create boundaries for themselves and their kids.

As seen in:

Do You Recognize These Pain Points?


  • Conflict and Tension: The constant battle and emotional turmoil affecting the harmony within the household, leaving scars on both adults and children.

  • Communication Breakdowns: The lingering silences and unspoken words that build walls between loved ones, making the environment feel hostile.

  • Parental Disunity: The discord between co-parents, making every decision a battleground and impacting children’s sense of security and stability.

Building Harmonious Bridges


  • Insightful Guidance: To unravel the complex dynamics and underlying issues within your familial relationships.

  • Empathetic Support: To navigate through your parenting journey with compassion and understanding, ensuring emotional well-being for both parents and children.

  • Constructive Strategies: To rebuild the bridges of communication, cooperation, and mutual respect between co-parents, fostering a positive environment for children to thrive.

Worried Your Marriage Is Falling Apart?

In our Book We Teach Tried-And-True Techniques We’ve Used Consistently To Improve The Marriages Of Our Clients, Changing Their Lives And Sparking Their Love!


Not Sure What To Do?

If you’re on the edge, not sure whether you should try to save your marriage or just go ahead and get a divorce, our professional team will help you understand what your heart really desires. 

Get on this free call to help clear your mind on what to do next! Limited seats available, schedule it now!


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Robert Beaven
Robert Beaven
As with most of us our work bleeds into our personal life and vice versa. Authentic leadership is about being constant throughout all aspects of the continuum (work, self, family and friends). Often we see that we are limited in keeping consistent in all three quadrants. Rich has helped my strike that balance, and while never-ending work, he has provided me with tools to help create an authentic space in all three of these areas. His dedication to my success and passion around results is unlike any I have seen. It has been a tough experience at times but Rich was there to help walk through it, ultimately allowing me to truly enjoy what I have.
Admira Adovic
Admira Adovic
Rich is passionate, knowledgable and expert in relationships. I attended few of the events that Rich ran, I can't express the amount of valuable information both me and my husband got. After 10+ years of marriage the tips he shared helped both of us improve communication in our relationship. Highly recommend Rich.
Matt Long
Matt Long
If you have something worth saving... and you probably do if you're looking at this review.... Rich can help you save it! He's understanding, disarming and has so much experience with couples experiencing difficulties.
Eric Lorenzo
Eric Lorenzo
As an immigration lawyer dealing with married couples on a frequent basis, Rich is my go to person whenever conflicts arise with my clients. I can refer them to him with confidence that he can help them find a way through their differences.
Nikki Ostrower
Nikki Ostrower
Rich is AMAZING. I attended one of his workshops and then I recommended a client to his practice as she was going through a tough time with her partner during the quarantine. He literally saved their relationship and gave them tools they now have forever!
Kenny Tan
Kenny Tan
Rich is an expert relationship counselor. I've really enjoyed our conversations. Every time I interact with him, he has shown himself to be full of insight and empathy. I highly recommend him if you need help resolving any professional or personal conflicts.
yo yo
yo yo
Such an expert in the field, suSuper passionate about actually helping , so lucky to have him by my side...
Carol Offman
Carol Offman
I have known Rich for many years and I know he is extremely passionate about helping couples communicate and navigate through their relationship. I would highly recommend Rich if you are experiencing a strain in a relationship due to a breakdown in communication.
O Zhang
O Zhang
Richard is an expert in relationship coaching. He is very professional and knowledgeable. Everyone needs a little help on this "relationship journey". Don't just sit there. Do reach out for help. Once you get professional advice, you will be on the right track to find happiness! I highly recommend Richard!
Joanna Esh
Joanna Esh
Rich is an amazing source of inspiration and information! Through his programing as well as one on one coaching, he has helped arm me with the tools to enhance relationships across all aspects of my life, as well as helped me look at these relationship through a different lens. I'm grateful to have met him, and you will be, too!

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