Parent Coordination Isn’t About Making Decisions FOR You:

It’s About helping you both making the best possible decisions for your children.

As Parent Coordinators, our role is to put ourselves out of business by helping parents to become stronger partners in raising children…

Our philosophy is that with strong communication skills and self-management, anyone can have a working relationship with anyone else.

All that they need is a shared objective and shared values about how to get there.

Do you want to learn what these parents know?

Good Parent Coordinator
Mediate & Educate

Parent Coordinatiors are NOT arbitrators.

Arbitration belongs in the court system. What we do is mediate.

In our unique blend of mediation and coaching, we help parents to get past the fights of yesterday. 

They move forward into what is best for their children today. We believe that each and every human being has everything they need to move forward in life. 

However, from time to time we all need a little insight and some tools to help us do so.

At Rich in Relationship we provide exactly those insights and tools derived from years of working with couples in conflict, people divorcing, and of course PC work

Our Clients & Our Process

We work with our clients intensively in the first month or two so that they find their common ground and concerns for the future of their children. 

We help them let go of the setbacks of the past.

Once in this place, our clients find that they need us less and less. In their own time and pace they “graduate”.

We are always available for a tune-up or refresher course!

If you’d love this to be you, then give us a quick call to see if you would be a good fit

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