Who Is Rich Heller?

Trained as a therapist, coach, and mediator, Rich Heller’s focus is on family systems and relationships with an emphasis on building resilience in children through transforming conflict into communication and understanding.

Why You Should Have Rich Speaking At Your Event

Rich has been a guest in numerous podcasts, and he´s also been podcasting himself for over two years. He´s also been invited numerous times to business chambers and associations such as Rotary Club.

Speaking about his craft, client success stories and such is literally everyday business.

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Some Of Our Most Requested Topics

– Businesses: 

  • Hidden Cost Of Employee Divorce On Businesses

  • Bullying, Intimidation, and Conflict In The Workplace

  • Leaning Into Authoritative Leadership

– Churches:

  • Implementing The 7 Virtues To Make Your Marriage Stronger

  • Idolatry, Intimacy And Your Marriage

– Schools and Educational Institutions

  • Understanding Bullying

  • Reconnecting With Your Teen

What People Say

"Rich Heller’s presentation was heavily documented and reflected careful research. His tone of voice was commanding yet soothing. He helped his listeners to understand that his program has multiple levels of engagement, based on the needs of the individual, as well as, that of larger Corporations."
"I've known Rich for a year, and every time he presents, it's always of incredible value. His speeches are inspiring and educating, persuasive and entertaining. His style of presenting is engaging and innovative. Rich speaks passionately and with great care. It's been an honor to work with him."
"Rich is a wonderful speaker that engages and captivates his audience. I've seen him present on a variety of topics, including challenging relationships, leadership, and motivation. With each speech, he was able to invoke both the rational and emotional sides of his audience. He does so by combining intellectual concepts with anecdotes and stories that bring the concepts to light. Additionally, he solicits audience participation to further engagement. I have personally learned a lot from Rich's speeches and speaking style.."
"I have listened to Rich speak many times about a variety of topics and I always enjoy listening to his speeches. He has a natural way of speaking that is authentic and passionate."
"I have had the pleasure of hearing numerous of Rich's speeches. He is a phenomenal speaker. He has the ability to structure his speeches in such a way that is clear, engaging, and memorable. Rich is also entertaining; he is full of energy and jokes."
Lordani Bonaventure
"Rich is a great speaker who truly understands relationship issues. He is energetic and authentic in his approach. He will keep you engaged from beginning to end with his insight as well as his presentation style."
Donna Burrow