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Is Your Marriage Just Contentious Today?

Many marriages are contentious today.

Sometimes, at best, they´re just two people living parallel lives and sharing time together when schedules permit it.

The fact is…

once the “romance” chills a little, marital relations can slip into “normalcy”, where each person is focused on their own goals and shared values and aspirations lose ground.

Creating A Joyful Marriage

If what you want is the kind of marriage where you are celebrating each other daily, you´re in the right place.

Get clear on what that means to you before, or after you get married. We will help you go beyond vows if you, re-engaged, and re-examine what´s at the core of the marriage if you´re already married.

Identify what´s in the way and break through to a happier, more fulfilling marriage that is focuses on love, shared values and principles.

Building a joyful marriage, like so many things in life, is a daily practice. No matter where your marriage is, it´s never too late for you. 

marriage therapy

We´re Here To Help You

Marriage is supossed to be a joyful union.

One in which each partner serves the other, supporting them in their personal growth, their grow in their relationship to God, and their growth as a couple.

We provide a range of ways to help you, depending on your need and resources, ranging from one to one coaching/counseling to online classes, to group workshops that are derived from scripture, experience, and supported by positive psychology.

Through these tools, you and your loved one can learn the daily practices that will lead to a deeper understanding of one another and greater intimacy.

Our Experience

As a social worker, I invested years in working with troubled families and at-risk youth.

As a Christian, my investment in marriage came when I turned to Jesus and my beautiful wife did not. Over time, I have been learning how to apply scripture (and a whole lot of prayer) to my marriage to deepen it.

My experience is: your husband or wife does not always need to agree with your faith or even to actively work on the marriage, as long as you are willing to live your faith in your marriage on a daily basis. Over time, as we change, the marriage and your husband or wife change as well.

Of course, it is much easier if you and your spouse start from the same faith page and are both starting from wanting your marriage to grow and deepen, but again this is not necessary as long as you are both still in the game together.

One of the most joyful discoveries of my professional training is that so many of the principles developed through the scientific study of well-being in positive psychology support what we learn in scripture, and I love the marriage of scripture and science as a means of personal growth.

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