Helping Families End The Fight



Rich is great at what he does. If you are a lawyer who deals in conflicts with people, whether its partners in a marriage or partners in a business, Rich is the guy to call. He will free up so much of your time and relieve you of the stress and the drama of conflicts. You should definitely speak with him if you are a lawyer and get him involved in managing the emotional stresses of your clients. He has been great with couples applying for green cards that I have referred to him who have hit some bumps in the road in their relationships and he has helped to alleviate some of the emotional ups and downs of being in a marital relationship.

Ben Prusky

CEO, Freedom Merchants

Rich really is a phenomenal "peacemaker", which is definitely the appropriate label for what he does. I referred a friend to him, a very close friend. This friend was having a seemingly intractable issue with his spouse. They did a session with Rich, an introductory session to see if the 8-session program was the right mutual fit. Rich immediately was able to defuse the tension between my friend and his spouse. He got both sides out of the posture of "two cats with backs up and ready to fight". He evaluated the situation and after the first session, he was able to share feedback with the couple that completely transformed how they saw the situation causing them the friction. The couple processed what Rich advised, took some meaningful action, and just like magic, all the friction is gone. Needless to say, my friend is very happy with me recommending Rich to them. If you and your spouse are having issues, go see Rich. Just go

Dominic Barletta

Proprietor/owner at A-Team Investigative Services-

A relationship coach will always have the educational background and degrees to go along with their title. What set Rich apart is that he has the experience to back up those college degrees. He has lived through it in his personal life both within his family and outside of his family. Rich has the discipline, patience and understanding that it takes to be successful. Rich is truly the best in his field. Try him. You won't be disappointed.

Jeffrey Weiskopf

Partner at Halperin & Halperin, P.C.

Richard is indeed the Peacemaker. He's a good listener, good solutionist, and knows how to get people communicating.

Christopher White

Rich Heller is a true professional and expert when it comes to negotiating and resolving professional and personal issues. Highly recommend him.

Corey Anker

Executive Coach at Ankerline Coaching & Consulting

Rich is smart, dedicated, and professional. Talk with him and he’ll make a positive difference for you!

Julia Mack

Thanks to the excellent advice from Rich Heller, life during the pandemic has been a pleasant experience for us all: kids, husband, in-laws, parents, everybody's happy and living their best life possible. I could not recommend him more to anyone who needs to learn that conflict can be their friend, who doesn't want that for themselves and their loved ones?


I have used Rich’s services in training and coaching staff members at Eveready Express. Rich has an uncommon ability to connect with people in such a way that they see the truth in their actions, and how they can improve. His methods are caring, and energetic, and produce results. I highly recommend his services.

Kristian Marcial

Tribeca Physical Therapy,

Rich helps people transform troubled relationships, both in marriage, divorce and in business. He is part of my health and wellness group and he always strike me as a great coach and leader. In fact, I attended his Toastmaster meeting, where he sits as the president, and was really impressed on how he leads the team. If you have some relationship issues whether personal or business, Rich is your guy!


I worked with Richard for several months and during that time, he proved to be insightful, observant, and honest. He always caused me to think and sometimes rethink my plan of action. I appreciate his candor and sometimes unconventional approach to coaching which caused me to explore options outside my comfort zone. Richard was wonderful to work with and I truly appreciate everything he helped me with. If you are looking for a coach who will challenge and encourage you? Richard is your guy, I  highly recommend him.