5 Adverse Effects of Adultery and Ways to Reduce the Damage

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Adultery can have a lot of adverse effects on a relationship. It can cause trust issues, hurt feelings, and even divorce. While there is no way to avoid altogether the damage that adultery can cause, there are some things you can do to diminish the impact it has on your relationship. Read on for tips on how to deal with the aftermath of adultery. But first, let’s discuss the five adverse effects of adultery and how affairs affect the family.

effects of adultery

  1. Adultery Has Victims

Affairs often lead to divorce, and while some marriages can withstand this, many cannot. A marriage’s break-up affects not only the husband and wife but also the children, parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, and friends. Anyone close to either person in the relationship is affected by what happens. And it’s not just the break-up of the relationship that causes pain. Often, affairs lead to bitter custody battles, financial ruin, and even violence. While an affair may seem like a victimless crime, it’s anything but. Affairs have genuine victims – immediate and extended family members and friends.

  1. Adultery Highly Affects Children

How do affairs affect the family, particularly children? Affairs have a profound impact on families. The kids are the ones who go through the most. They often feel unloved, uncared for, and unimportant. They may even blame themselves for the affair. Affairs can also destroy marriages. The trust, communication, and intimacy that are so important to a successful marriage are often shattered by an experience. In some cases, affairs can lead to divorce.

  1. Adultery Causes Massive Emotional Damage

Not only does adultery cause massive emotional damage, but it also puts the relationship at risk for academic, social, and emotional trauma or failure. It can be particularly damaging to children, who often suffer the brunt of the fallout. Adultery can even lead to physical violence. Before embarking on an affair, one must be aware of the potential negative consequences of cheating. Otherwise, you may end up causing irreparable harm to yourself and your loved ones.

effects of adultery

  1. Adultery Leads to More Significant Emotional Breakdowns

For many people, adultery leads to polarization, where they feel mistrust and guilt towards their partner and the individual they had an affair with. This can be accompanied by painful memories and feelings of shame and loneliness. The emotional fallout from adultery can be so severe that it leads to a breakdown. While the physical act of cheating may only last for a moment, the consequences can last a lifetime.

  1. Adultery Is Never Forgotten

Adultery is one of those things that can never be forgotten. The act forever characterizes the offender and victim. It doesn’t matter if they move on to new relationships or if they stay together; the betrayal will always be there. And it doesn’t just impact the people involved; it can also have a ripple effect on how affairs affect family and friends. 

Those who were once familiar with the couple may feel awkward and uncomfortable around them, unsure what to say or how to act. The trust that was once there may be gone, replaced by suspicion and doubt. Adultery can destroy relationships and break apart families. It’s a painful experience that, unfortunately, often cannot be undone.

Ways to Reduce the Damage of Adultery

  1. Acknowledge the bad behavior. This acknowledgment can help to begin the process of rebuilding trust and repairing the relationship.
  2. Speak to the children in an age-appropriate manner. Explain what has happened so they can understand and assure them they are not responsible for what happened. 
  3. Seek professional help. A relationship coach or therapist can provide much-needed support and guidance as you navigate this difficult time. They can also assist you on how affairs affect the family and how to lessen its effects.

effects of adultery


Adultery is a problem that can have severe consequences for both the individual and the relationship. However, there are approaches to reduce the damage and rebuild trust. If you are dealing with the fallout of adultery, seek help from a therapist or relationship who can educate you through the healing process. At Rich In Relationship, we help families understand how affairs affect the family and let them know how to prevent them. Remember, moving on from this betrayal is possible and creates a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Contact us today and start rebuilding your family.