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Helping Families End The Fight



Our Story

I spent more than 30 years in business shifting, changing and growing myself and the business to both meet my needs and those of the client and market. The business was always an expression of myself of my ability or lack thereof in expressing my own "why", that of the work we did, and matching it to people whose needs required what we provided. At one point in a business seminar, I came to realize that what was driving my business, was my need to reweave relational threads into a new and better pattern. Sold my business and went into coaching only to find that the same needs that drive personal relationships drive business relationships.

We love to say "this is just business, it's not personal" just like when a relationship is ending we like to say "it's not about you, its something I'm going through".  We love to think business is transactional, and yet again and a again we are finding that healthy businesses engage their clients in long term relationships.

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Approach

Everything is in relationship, literally and figuratively. Though we use externals like profit and loss, the kind of car we own, where we live, salary, and the clothes we wear as measuring sticks of "success", success can not happen on this level without some mastery of relationship.

Our focus is on what is the nature of the relationship, the values, principles, and purpose of the relationship, and how do our actions and communications line up with these?



Rich Heller MSW, CPC, ELI MP

Rich is a child of divorce, been divorced and successfully remarried and raised five children with his wife Katherine.

Rich helps people transform troubled relationships, both in marriage, divorce and in business.

He has started, merged, grown, and sold businesses. He was a leader in sustainable landscape design and construction in NYC building more greenroofs than any competitor including Silvercup Studios and was a pioneer in suburban sustainable design and care. He taught and consulted for business owners for over a decade.

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