9 Reasons Why You Want To Be Working With A Partner

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Whether it be marriage or business, many of us launch into partnerships without thinking. “It feels good”. “I feel overwhelmed”. “I need help”. “I’m lonely”.

These are just a few of the reasons people leap without looking when they enter into a partnership. Many are afraid to leap at all. After all, 50% of all marriages fail, and 70% of all business partnerships fail.

The starting point for any partnership is always why? Here are nine reasons why you want to be working with a partner!

working with a partner

Partnerships Can Be

  • Be Inspirational – Strong partners often inspire one another and drive one another to reach for more. Working with a partner often creates synergy, not to mention sharing the burden with one another.
  • New Dimensions– Healthy Partnerships often are between differing but synergistic/complementary strengths. When partners are too much alike, this can drive unhealthy competition.
  • Sharing Varied Experience– Complementary strengths often involve varying experiences allowing for cross-pollination and mutual support in new situations. Differing perspectives, skills, and perspectives  also allow for essential insights
  • Greater Capacity– Not only can two do more than one, but with varying skill sets etc. they can cover more productivity bases. 
  • Opportunity- There is opportunity in difference. Expanded skill sets give partners a tactical advantage. They open more doors together than either would on their own.
  • Expanded Reach – Partners can reach more people. Additionally, they reach different kinds of people. In fact, together they can reach individuals/friends/businesses, that individually they might not.
  • Greater Resources –Partnerships allow pooling of resources. They have increased buying power. They drive greater efficiencies. Overhead/Household costs combined will be less per partner than if either were working individually.
  • Provide Expertise – The best partners bring in expertise you do not possess, whether it be cooking or marketing, home repair, or operational strengths.
  • Stronger Relationships – Not only will each partner bring in new and different relationships than the individuals would have had on their own but with their expanded reach and skills, these relationships will be deeper.

working with a partner

Strong Partnerships

Strong partnerships celebrate differences.

Partnerships create a new synergy and dynamic that strengthens relationships, drives inspiration, brings needed expertise.

They create greater resources and drive efficiencies. Healthy partnerships create greater capacity, create new dimensions, and are inspirational. 

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