5 Ways to Value Relationships

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Sometimes the routines drive us away from our loved ones and our favorite relationships. 

Maybe it is work or some hobby you are obsessing about, even the gym, but there are moments in life where many of us find ourselves drifting away from these people. Here are 5 ways for you to start reconnecting with those beloved relationships.


1-Make time.

How many times have you heard, “Sorry, I can’t come out sightseeing with you, I’ve got no time“.

The person that asks you to hang out with them has the time, so why don’t you? 

Ask yourself “ What is really important here? Keeping my Schedule or showing up for another human being? If I were in need what would I want? 

2. Pay Attention

In this day and age, it Making time for and showing others that you really do care about them is becoming more and more of a challenge.

Texting is just not the same!

Whenever someone is trying to care for you, they are usually going out of their way to do so. Don’t ignore the needs of others and get that showing up for them opens the space for them to show up for you. This person is worth your time.

3. Listen

Whether it’s your parents, your teacher or your friends, to understand the importance of a relationship you must listen to their opinions and respect them.

Without listening to them, you won’t ever get to maintain a relationship long enough to fully understand how your relationship with them will affect your and their lives.

4. Be humble

This is the heart of the first three steps, being willing to hold the value of the relationship over our own selfish needs if only for a few minutes.

It means not trying to fix the other person, just being there, trust that they have the answers to their problems in their own hearts (as we all do).

If you are humble with others, people are most likely going to be humble with you.

5. Be a good friend

Everybody needs friends in their life. Friendships are one of the best kinds of relationships.

Friendship requires trust and shared values, but more than anything true caring and concern. Willingness to reach out repeatedly when the other person is “busy”, willingness to risk losing the friendship when they (or you) need to learn a side that may be less attractive and need more light.

Always be there for your friends when they need you and they’ll surely return the favor.