Encourage Your Partner With These 40 Simple and Effective Compliments

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Every marriage can get a little stale.

The question is what to do when you start to notice it? Do you spiral off into fear and anger? Or do you take the opportunity to put your love into action?

Love in action often looks like encouraging your partner. Encouraging and building up the people we love will instantly freshen up the relationship and is an important part of nurturing them as well.


“In Love”

Being “in love” is a limited-time engagement- studies show 2-3 years on average.

When we outgrow the being “in love” stage of our relationship, we can take the things we did then and use them now to build a deeper foundation.

One of these is complimenting your partner. When you complimented your partner it changed their whole day.

“You are so beautiful”

“I love the way you (fill in the blank)”

“I really appreciate it when…..”

Love Is A Muscle

There is always room to express love.

Today it is less of “in love” and more about exercising our love for our partner. As we mature in our marriage love is all about exercising our love muscle and complimenting our spouse is one way we can do that.

These kinds of remarks built them up then and will do the same now. 


Your wife desired to hear how you still admire her beauty.

How she is above anyone else. She wants to hear this without you trying to get into her pants at the same time-complement her with no ulterior motive!

When you let your wife know how lovely, caring and capable she is (just because) she will bask in your words.

Appreciate how she upholds all your family relationships. Build her up and nourish her.


Your husband yearns to be acknowledged for what he does for you and your household.

He needs to feel respected and even honored.

Encourage him in his work, whether it is in caregiving or providing. As a rule, men need to know that when they achieve a goal, it is noticed and appreciated.

Partnerships Thrive In Compliments

Encouraging one another means paying attention.

Encouraging your partner keeps you focused on the marriage. When you encourage your partner, you are also reminding yourself of not only the beauty of your marriage but what lies within you as well.

By focusing on your partner and your marriage, there will be no need to look outside of your marriage for affirmation and encouragement.

NOW Is The Time

There is no time like the present- it’s all we have after all. Yesterday is History and tomorrow a mystery.

Look for ways to compliment and encourage your spouse every day.

At first, they may be wondrous why you do it, even be suspicious. After a while, they will simply enjoy it.

Write them a love letter. Tell them something special when they or you come home. Just look them in the eye and tell them!

Text a sexy message. We have compiled a list of compliments to jump-start you in this process.

40 Compliments To Encourage Your Spouse Today!

  1. Thank you for working so hard for our family.
  2. I love the way you make sure our home is always comfortable and clean.
  3. Thank you for making sure our home is safe and secure.
  4. I so appreciate how you always uplift our kids.
  5. You always find joy in every circumstance.
  6. I can’t believe how patient you are with my parents.
  7. You are so generous, it is absolutely inspiring.
  8. I really appreciate how make sure our home is always in good working order.
  9. You always make time to talk to the kids even when you are slammed with other things.
  10. Thank you for keeping us connected to our friends and our community.
  11. I really love it when we go on date night.
  12. Thank you for taking care of the car.
  13. I so appreciate it when you take the time to talk with me about what is important to you.
  14. No one makes a meal like you.
  15. I appreciate it when you make the bed.
  16. Thank you for paying the bills every month.
  17.  I appreciate how well you take care of our property.
  18. Thank you for contributing to our finances.
  19. I really love how you are quietly putting money away for our future
  20. Thank you for cleaning the garage.
  21. I appreciate the way that you play with our kids.
  22. Thank you for being the rock for our family.
  23. I never cease to be amazed at how you accomplish your goals.
  24. It’s amazing how nothing seems to stop you.
  25. I love how vulnerable you are with me.
  26. You are so hot!
  27. I really appreciate that you did the laundry
  28. I feel so safe in your arms.
  29. Your commitment to helping others is inspirational.
  30. I really admire your discipline.
  31. I so appreciate how you keep your priorities straight.
  32. Thank you for keeping God in the heart of our marriage.
  33. I admire how disciplined you are.
  34. Every time we kiss I get a thrill.
  35. I want to be as carefree as you.
  36. Thank you for really listening and not trying to “fix” me.
  37. I love that I am number one in your life.
  38.  Thank you for putting the seat down.
  39. You are a great role model for our kids.
  40. I know I’m not always easy to live with, thank you for dealing with me with such grace.

Creating Your Treasure Together Through Compliments

Every time you compliment your partner, you are investing in your future together.

Even if words of affirmation are not your partner’s love language, they will still receive something from the act as will you.

Remember, that we are reminding ourselves and our loved ones that they and this relationship are important.

We are showing our appreciation. The alternative is to take one another for granted and let the relationship get stale.