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Where Are You Landing Post- Pandemic?

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While politicians and lawmakers argue about who should get the vaccine first, the rest of us are near the end of the line. Unless you’re close to the top of the political food chain, you can count on your vaccination being a good way out on the timeline. If you have had the virus already that is no guarantee you won’t get it again. The fact is we have until June 2021 before those of us how are low risk begin to see a vaccine and most likely another six months after that before we see “normal”. 

Concerned or Worried?

Don't Worry, Be Concerned

How much concern this causes you will depend on how wealthy you are, what the government plans to do for those with no job and/or cash reserve, and how fast we as a nation get it together to beat this thing. Let’s face it, this pandemic has created some concerns about the future, to put it mildly. Here is the good news, As a nation, we are far stronger and more resilient than anyone, even we, give ourselves credit for. It’s time for us all to put on our big boy pants, drop our worries, and chart a course for ourselves based on what we know and where we want to be.

The only way to shake of worry is to convert it into a plan based on your concerns. Worries, after all, are concerns that have run amok. A concern squarely met loses the potential to become a worry.  Any good strategy is based on past experience, risk assessment, and a vision for the future plus a little bit of faith.

What Do We Know?

The Inquisition: What Do We Know So Far?

Let’s start with what we know. We know that if we limit outside contact, follow health protocols when we are in the world, change clothes, etc. when we come home form risky situations, and keep awareness of infection rates combined with where to go and where not to go, that we radically reduce the risk of contracting the virus.  

We know that with these restrictions, we will in all likelihood be homebodies possibly with some very carefully orchestrated (focus on isolation) vacations. This means we will have another year of time with ourselves and among ourselves. Our social resources, therapy, coaching, doctors, will be as virtual as possible. Since we are guaranteed a year of this experience, how we choose to use this time will determine how quickly we recover and advance our lives as we roll out of 2021 into 2022. Yes, you can count on 2021 being a similar living experience.

Where Are You Going?

Where Are You Going? — Veritus Group

We know the risks, we have an idea what to expect in the coming year, where is it we want to land when this is all over? The answer to this question lies within you. My clients have a variety of dreams they are working towards, job advancement, end of their divorce, a trip to the holy land, building their business, continuing to learn, losing weight. All of these kinds of plans are doable regardless of the circumstances. They may be a year or even two years out, but they are doable. Take some time and dream for the post-pandemic time, this vision/dream is soul food that will nurture you in the darker days.

Give Your Dreams Life

Learn How To Never Give Up On Your Dreams Of Success Today

Take your dreams and flesh them out, where will you go? Where will you stay? What will your business look like? How much will you be earning? What kind of people will you work with? Who is with you as you go on this journey? Now, given where we are, what we can expect, and where you want to be, what needs to change what can be done over the coming year? What do you need to learn? How can you best position yourself? 

The Choice

What Will You Choose? – hopeful scribe

We all have a choice here, keep trudging under the weight of our losses, fears, and the unknowns, or take authority over our lives to the best of our abilities and given the circumstances.

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