Helping Families End The Fight

Programs and Payments

Coaching Packages:

(Marital, Divorce & Organizational)

VIP Day: Work with Rich one on one and with intensity. Get the breakthrough you need now in this VIP intensive package.                                                                               $ 5000.00

Silver Plan

Every other week coaching (call/video), with unlimited email support

$ 467.00

Gold Package

Weekly coaching (call/video), unlimited text and email. ELI Assessment included

$ 867.00

Platinum Package

Weekly calls and 1 emergency call monthly, unlimited text and email support. Eli Assessment included.

$ 1067.00

Marriage Communication Program

Eight Week Communication for High Conflict Couples Program:


An eight-week program that will move any couple willing to participate from high conflict to new understanding and clear communication. Couples who participate in this program will walk away from it with a new appreciation for who they each are as individuals and with a transformed relationship.



Organizational Leadership Program

Leadership 360 (up to 10 employees)

Organizations are dysfunctional when there is a gap between what the leader thinks of their abilities and the opinions fo their employees. This is a Leadership 360, which will give the leader a snapshot of their strength and opportunities as well as their employees' experience of them.

ELI plus employee input on leadership.

$ 750.00

DEN (Divorce Education & Navigation) Groups (12-week cycle)

Twelve-week cycle of group therapy & coaching to help you create a win out of the divorce process.

12 Weeks  $ 600.

6 Weeks  $ 375.

3 Weeks  $ 200.

1 Week    $   75.

Divorce Resilience Coaching Programs

Family Resilience Program:

A twelve week individually catered program to support divorcing/divorced parents in celebrating and letting go of what was good that is no longer present in their relationship, charting a new course for themselves and their children, and helping their children bounce back from the trauma of divorce.

  • 12 individual coaching sessions.
  • Unlimited email and text support.
  • ELI Assessment and review
  • Trigger Management
  • Resilience building program and implementation

   $ 3500.00

"Divorceproof" Your Kids:

An eight-week workshop to support divorcing/divorced parents in helping their children bounce back from the trauma of divorce; New Program requiring a pre-enrollment interview.

  • 4 individual coaching sessions.
  • Four group sessions.
  • Facebook group.
  • Education videos.

   $ 997.00

DIY Courses

Relationships, divorce and resilience: Click on "courses" in menu.