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More Than Half (54%) of American Couples Have Become More Sexually Adventurous 

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  According to a lockdown survey by Lovehoney, about half of American couples are being more adventurous in their amorous activities which means about half are not. That fits with the national divorce rate which is between 40%-50%. The adventurous half are using more sex toys and looking for ways to spice up their sex lives. 

 What does this mean?Seven sex toys that deserve a spot in your bedside table | Georgia Straight  Vancouver's News & Entertainment Weekly 

 It means that marriages that are working are using the time together to experiment and expand their sense of intimacy. Interestingly, only 32% reported thgat they were “sexually happy” during lockdown indicating that they are a work in progress at the very least. Four out of ten respondents said that their sex lives had actually improved over this time, indicating that in the psat, “life” was more likely to get in the way. With more time together, they are more able to focus on a better working relationship. 

Building Up To The Moment

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 Sex is not something delivered on demand but involves charging up one anohters libidos. Touching, hugging, flirting without expecting sex are all great ways to get your partner fired up and interested. No wonder than that 89% of couples are relying more on sexting, and 48% are engaging in virtual sex.

Naturally, couples in the same household are far more likely to be having sex at this time. It’s a great way to grow closer and make the lockdown more enjoyable. At the same time, with everyone living in close quarters, 44% are reporting that thye need to be quieter when making love so as not to disturb others under their roof. 

Stress & Intimacy

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This is not true across all regions, however. Florida, the senior capital of the US has seen a 14% increase while California is down 19%, Pennsylvania is down 15%, New York is down 11% and Illinois is down 3%. These statistics make sense when you think about the stress factor. Stress is an intimacy killer and with the Northeast on the forefront of COVID cases and with the fires and floods on the west coast, these numbers start to look right

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