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Family Law: You’re In House Coaching Program


Our Approach

Divorce is full of emotion for the client that can lead to calls and texting on the weekend or even 2am. Attorneys are not trained for this nor is it fair that they should be on call 24/7. At the same time, the divorce process is so much smoother when the client has someone to handle the emotional side of the divorce with them. Having a professional who understands the divorce process both from the inside and the attorney's perspective makes all the difference in the world. A trained professional is an asset for the client and the attorney, helping to client to separate the emotional from the material negotiation.

What if you had your own "In House" coach? Someone who could not only help your client begin to release the anger and blame that holds them back from moving forward in the divorce process, but who also supported you in working through parenting plans? Unhooking the emotional resistance in the division of assets?

Our In House Coach program is designed to help attorneys have a smoother divorce process by supporting their clients to:

  • Identifying and disengaging their emotional triggers
  • Focusing more on the future and releasing the past
  • Separating their feelings from their finances
  • Become more child centric
  • Better visualize and embrace this key life transition

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The Programs


12 Week Intensive

A  customized, twelve week;  Individually tailored coaching program which will help you let go of the mental and emotional baggage that are slowing you down from taking the next steps in your life. Includes unlimited text and email. Work on clarify and transform areas of conflict as they come up.

Cost $ 2,600.00

child resilience

"Divorce Proof" Plus

This is tailor made "DIvorce Proof" program, which includes additional coaching and unlimited text and email support.

$ 1,997.00

resilience 3

"Divorce Proof" Your Kids Program

This program is a combination of individual coaching, group coaching,  at home exercises and virtual learning. It is a tested and proven program that supports parents in letting go of their anger and the negatives of their previous marriage as well as focusing on uplifting their children by building them up with strategies and tactics drawn from a decade of psychological study on child resilience. limited text and email support.

Cost  $ 997.00

Next Steps...

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How It Works

As part of your client onboarding, introduce them to your in house coaching program. Explain to them that in your experience, when someone is going through the divorce process, they need emotional support. In the past you have had clients calling you for support and though you are always in your client's corner, it will cost them less and be more effective if they work with your coach. Let them know that this coach will be not only be on call for them for unlimited text and email when the need arises, but as part of your team, they will be working through parenting and asset division issues with them and your associates and/or yourself. By the way, your firm and your client get  this added benefit at no charge, its gravy for your client engaging in one of our programs.

You will be offering them a choice of two programs. An 8 week, personalized one to one coaching package (with 2 complimentary parenting and asset division meeting) and a combination package of group and individual coaching (also with complimentary meetings).  To qualify for these programs they will have a virtual 30 minute evaluation in your office.