How to Communicate With Ex During Divorce

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Bein able to communicate with your ex during divorce is vital, but also (sometimes) extremely hard and tiring.

Learn here how to do it properly and in a healthy way here.

communicating with your ex

Communication breakdown is often at the root of divorce.

People don’t communicate, or communicate in ways that the other person will not receive well, and there is the breakdown. The divorce process only aggravates and heightens communication breakdown.

Emotions are high, blame is often on the front burner and there is a subtext of fear and frustration. How can you have effective communication with your co-parent during the divorce process given that your communication in the past is characterized by breakdown?

Establishing boundaries is the first step to healing communication problems.

Establish Some Boundaries or Ground Rules

Prevent upsetting situations and protect yourself, set ground rules.

Really think of them as boundaries; ground rules are agreed upon by both parties. We protect ourselves by individually setting a boundary.

If you have children together, then you will always be in communication as long as you all live.

This makes the need for safe and effective communication all the more important!

Limit Communication to One or Two Modalities

Set guidelines that determine the nature of this new relationship.

Keep a record of all conversations in writing. Stick to one thing- email, or a communication app. Do not use multiple vehicles and avoid immediate gratification communications like texting or WhatsApp.

You want to be able to edit whatever you say and keep it as clean and simple as possible. Keep all communication limited to only what is necessary for the kids or legal matters. 

What If I´m Overwhelmed

Sometimes, even if you try with all your heart, communication will just not work. 

Bein able to communicate with your ex just seems way too hard.

Some relationships are so broken that they get away from the hands of the partners, and they will need to consider having a third party appear. Consider hiring a coach or a therapist.

Call me here now! Let´s have a quick FREE discovery call and I´ll give you proven next steps specifically tailored for your relationship.