Don´t Risk Your Productivity Because Of A Divorcing Employee!

You can save your numbers, help your employee and not cross the line between work and personal life AT THE SAME TIME!

divorcing employee

Would You Rather Let This Situation Keep Affecting
Your Business Until You See Red Numbers?

The problem most business owners and heads of HR don´t see is:

  • $300 BILLION Dollars are lost EVERY YEAR due to relationship-related stress in corporations
  • 4 weeks of productivity are lost when divorce occurs
  • There´s a 50% to 75% drop in productivity because of divorce
  • Not to mention time off spent on legal, financial, and psychological assistance

They´re frustrated, afraid of going too personal with their employees, and unable to make decisions regarding this situation.

…but it doesn´t have to be like this.

You Can Help Your Employee While Maintaining Productivity High!


  • You won´t get involved in your employee´s personal life. You´re not a friend!
  • You can save yourself from legal. exposure from termination
  • You won´t let their attitudes impact other co-workers
  • You´ll get productivity high again

All in a simple yet effective class!

Our "Policy & Procedures For Divorcing Employees Class" Is All You Need To

Regain Productivity While Helping Your Employee

divorcing employee

✔️ A Customizable Policy Template

✔️ Procedures For Holding at Risk Employees Accountable

✔️ Systems for Supporting Their Productivity

✔️ Educational Videos On Conflict Management At Work

✔️ Tools For Evaluating Employee Acquisition Cost

✔️ Strategies For Creating Tactics For any Outcome

✔️ Resources For Employees With At Home Conflict

Total value with limited offer until Sunday:



5 Reasons Why You Need To Take Action With Your Divorcing Employee NOW:

1# Unlike maternity leave, divorce can be longer or shorter depending on how it´s handled
2# The emotional impact of divorce can be reduced with the right strategies
3# The sooner you take action, the less negative impact this underperforming employee will have on your profits
4# You can reduce your legal exposure in case of termination
5# You can stop them from negatively affecting other coworkers 

It´s A Simple 3-Step Process

1- Indentify Stressed Workers

2- Share strategies with worker and start implementing yourself as well

3- Worker also starts implementing

Your Options Now...

-Say that was a nice presentation
-Try to do this yourself (if you´ve gotten here, this probably hasn´t worked before)
-Get some help