Consequences for Adult Children of Divorce

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Think that once kids are grown up, they are better equipped to handle divorce? Think again, there are clear consequences of divorce on adult children.

adult children in divorce

What Can Happen To Adult Children In Divorce?

  • They are not just dealing with their parent’s divorce but they are also dealing with their own daily stressors; college, finding employment, starting their own life and etc.
  •  They are shown to have more stress, more arguments with parents, 
  • Lower expectations of their own marriage, 
  • Less successful careers (Thomas, D.A., 2011). 
  • Males are found to be more socially and economically disadvantaged than others whose parents are still together (Hilpern, 2009).
  • Children of divorce are more likely to get divorced themselves creating an inevitable cycle of divorce for years to come.

  From: Later Life Divorce & the Adult Child, Kayla Schwartzhof.

Always Overlooked

There is so little understanding of the impact of divorce on adult children today. They are at severe risk as a result.

The first step is always awareness and acceptance. Share this article with divorcing families you know who ha adult children. With awareness comes a new voice. Awareness brings the opportunity for healing.

  FamilyKind is launching their Adult Children of Divorce awareness campaign through sponsoring 64 Squares to increase consciousness of the consequences of divorce on adult children. This is an autobiographical one-man show written by and featuring Peter Roccaforte.  64 Squares explores the relationships within families of divorce and the challenges of finding how to love when divorce creates obstacles for us. It’s an intimate tale of learning how to love unconditionally in the face of adversity. 

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