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Divorce & Parenting

Divorce Work Areas:

Divorce Coaching

When  fear of alienation from their children and/or fear of financial insecurity is being triggered, parents in divorce will need outside help. Our divorce coaching program supports people in controlling what they can, and letting go of what they cant. Includes once a week coaching and unlimited text and email support.

Parent Coordination

When parents disagree on how to co-parent, or have an agreement that one or both parents are having difficulty living up to, we help them get clear on whats really  important and find common ground through a combination of understanding based mediation and coaching.

"Divorce Proof" Your Kids

All children of divorce suffer some level of trauma and are at different levels of risk ranging from poor school performance to suicide. Our program teaches divorcing parents child centric communication as well as resiliency techniques to help their children in rapid recovery from divorce.

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Our Divorce Survival Guide has all the information you need to be victorious in your Divorce Process .

Creating Relationships that Work

Imagine you and your child's other parent have learned to communicate and work together for the benefit of your kid(s)! You have a schedule that not only do you both agree with, but actually uphold together, still leaving flexibility for the occasional curve ball life throws one or the other..

Imagine that you no longer fight in front of the children, no longer even speak badly of one another, always recognizing that this person you are divorced from is first and foremost the parent of your child(ren), someone who always presents you , and whom you present in the best possible light given the circumstances for the well being of your child(ren) which is your single shared focus today.

Divorce, Conflict and Children

We may think we are suffering in the divorce process, that we cant wait until "they" are out of our lives forever. We may believe that once this is over, its over and we get to start fresh, that our kids are better off once this is done and for now they just have to suffer with us as we clean up the massive mistakes of the past.

If we have kids, there is no "out of our lives forever". As broken and defective as "they" may be, they are our child(ren)'s other parent and are needed at least by our kids. Anything derogatory we have to say about "them" in front of our progeny is damaging to our kids, any fights, conflicts, disputes awe are having in front of the children hurts the children more than we can know.

Learning to manage conflict so that our children are protected and so that we can achieve understanding and a working relationship in the process- whatever that looks like ("they", our future co-parent, may be some pretty damaged goods after all) is where we need to be so that we can lay the groundwork for our children's future happiness and ours.

Coaching & Parent Coordinating

Depending on where you are in your divorce, you may need coaching, and/or parent coordinating.  Coaching is a 1-2-1 process where we work together on values, principles and goals in relationship to feelings and the concrete issues of your divorce always with a focus on you and your children's needs.

In Parent Coordinating, we are working with you and your co-parent, so that the areas of conflict are resolved and a partnership is developed in terms of the care of your children post divorce.

Download Our Divorce Survival Guide Now

Our Divorce Survival Guide has all the information you need to be victorious in your Divorce Process .

We Will Help You

This probably looks like "mission impossible" right now, especially if your deep in the trenches, but we assure you it is not only possible but feasible.

We have years of experience working with one or both parents to successfully navigate these waters and reach an understanding that leads to effective co-parenting, using tools from coaching, mediation and therapy.

This is a decision between continuing the destructive patterns of conflict you are familiar with even after you reach a divorce agreement OR laying the groundwork for a solid working relationship based on the one thing you both value most, your children so that they and you are happier post divorce.

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