50 Positive Words To Describe Your Husband

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Choose positive words to describe your husband today!

The words we speak to our spouse have power. They have the power to build them up or tear them down.

It is normal for couples to take one another for granted over time, to get a little unconscious about the words we speak over one another. The solution to this is to choose to be intentional about what you say.

words to describe your husband

Partnership Patterns

Strong partnerships lean into one another’s strengths.

Leaning into strengths often means a division of labor,  regular rhythms of life, and being less conscientious about what and how things are said.

It is not unusual, for example, for a couple to stop kissing each other goodbye. To slip into a pattern of taking one another for granted even. Over time this will degrade the relationship.

Reinvest In Your Marriage Easily With The Way You Speak

Marriages need to be reinvested in regularly or they fade over time.

One way to do this is to speak encouragement into the life of your loved one. When you speak words of love, support, and encouragement it will not only build your partner up but break your relationship doldrums.

You will be amazed at how responsive your partner will be!

You’re probably wondering where you will find the words. That you don’t even know what words best describe your partner. Well, here is a list of words to help you out.


  1. Read through the whole list with an eye for words that fit.
  2. Pick a few words that fit our spouse best, that you can use daily.
  3. Select a bold way to share these words with your spouse….

Some Bold Ways:

 Write them in a letter and underline them.

Use them in a text message.

Make them dinner and make a special point of sharing them with her/him/they and why.

Put them in a post about your partner and tag them.

Make a video for your partner and share it with them.

Make or buy a card.

Be creative!

The bolder you are, the stronger the impression. Make no mistake, you are making an impression. This is a small declaration that you are done taking them for granted and ready, willing, and able to appreciate them (once again).

Choose Words To Describe Your Husband Here

  1. Outstanding
  2. Blessing
  3. Beautiful
  4. Affectionate
  5. Sexy
  6. Dependable
  7. Compassionate
  8. Patient
  9. Supportive
  10. Irreplaceable
  11. Fantastic
  12. Loyal
  13. Caring
  14. Confident
  15. Romantic
  16. Reliable
  17. Courageous
  18. Intelligent
  19. Handsome
  20. Extraordinary
  21. Gorgeous
  22. Determined
  23. Faithful
  24. Loving
  25. Passionate
  26. Authentic
  27. Bright
  28. Adventurous
  29. Protector
  30. Provider
  31. Strong
  32. Humorous
  33. Fun
  34. Delightful
  35. Outgoing
  36. Captivating
  37. Sensual
  38. Dedicated
  39. Leader
  40. Inspirational
  41. Thoughtful
  42. Articulate
  43. Respectful
  44. Integrity
  45. Sexy
  46. Cute
  47. Magnetic
  48. Powerful
  49. Charismatic
  50. Original

What After Using These Words To Describe My Husband?

Add some words to these that you think are missing. Go to your phone or wherever you keep reminders and add the words that best fit your partner.

Calendar when you will use these words, Make a plan!

Try using new words every week. Intimacy is the key to successful loving relationships. Showing that you know your partner’s strengths, and communicating them in a caring way will build intimacy and shift your marriage.

If you’re having trouble finding the right words, or actually SPEAKING them to your husband, give me a call and I’ll teach how to do this well for free! Just so you can actually enjoy saying them to him!