10 Ways to Revive the Passion in Your Marriage

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There’s no better feeling than tying the knot and spending the rest of your life with your significant other.

During the early stage of marriage, several partners barely gasp for air because of the excitement of falling in love. Unfortunately, this euphoric stage doesn’t last forever.

Experts say that partners usually lose passion and sexual intimacy because of a pursuer-distancer pattern that gradually develops.

Physical affection, such as holding hands, hugs, and tender touch, are excellent ways to show your partner affection.

It sets the stage for sexual contact focused on pleasure.

We put together ten ways to revive the passion in your marriage:

revive passion in marriage

1. Focus on Affectionate Touch

Offer to give your lover a back or shoulder massage.

While people associate foreplay with sexual activity, affectionate touches are a powerful way to demonstrate and revive the passion in your marriage, even if touch isn’t your primary love language.

2. Hold Hands More Often

Author Dr. Kory Floyd states that holding hands, hugging, and touching can release oxytocin, triggering a soothing sensation.

Studies show that people also release this hormone during sexual orgasms.

Likewise, physical affection reduces your cortisol levels.

3. Set Some Time to Spend with Your Partner

Quality time allows you to spend your undivided attention with your partner.

Try different activities you both enjoy. Have fun courting and practice flirting with igniting sexual desire and intimacy. After all, every positive action in your relationship is foreplay.

4. Avoid Talking About Anything Else When Getting Intimate

Plan your intimate time wisely and avoid discussing relationship problems and chores in the bedroom.

Sexual arousal significantly decreases when we’re stressed and distracted.

5. Allow Tension to Build Gradually

We experience more pleasure when the reward anticipation drags on for some time before we receive it.

Don’t rush during foreplay. Share your fantasies, change locations, and make sex more romantic.

6. Change Your Habits in Initiating Sex

Perhaps you’re denying your partner or coming off too strong. You can change your habits in initiating sex by not criticizing each other and quitting the blame game.

You can also mix things up to stop the power struggle.

For instance, distancers may want to practice initiating sex more often. At the same time, pursuers can subtly find different ways to tell their partner “you’re sexy” while avoiding critique and demands for closeness.

7. Prioritize Sex

Avoid setting the mood for intimacy before watching TV or work because it dulls your passion.

Preparing a light meal, playing your favorite music, and pouring wine can set the stage for excellent sex.

8. Try New Things in Bed

It’s no surprise that sex can get stale after some time.

The same routine can become boring, and it can be tough to kindle the passion in your marriage.

You can break up the routine and try new things by having gentle, loving-tender, intimate, and highly erotic sex.

9. Stay Curious about Sexual Intimacy

Consider sex as a chance to know your partner better by trying new things to bring pleasure to each other.

10. Be More Emotionally Vulnerable in Bed

Lastly, you can revive the passion in your marriage when you’re more emotionally vulnerable in bed.

Share with your partner your fantasies, desires, and innermost wishes. Respectfully and lovingly meet your partner’s needs while communicating yours. You must also practice emotional attunement to help you stay connected even when disagreeing.

Consider seeking individual or marriage counseling if you fear emotional intimacy.

Reigniting the Dying Flame

Losing the passion in your marriage can be scary because you might feel like losing the physical and emotional connection. But increasing physical and emotional attunement can help you find that love again.

And I know these were a lot of comments and tips, many of them somewhat hard to implement. Marriages that have been going on for a long may be too comfortable in their current state – even if passion is lacking.

If you’re serious about leaving that comfort zone, then you should consider getting in touch with a professional.

We can give you free tips on a quick call, but schedule it quickly before we run out of spots!